Susheel Stories of Hope

Note: Identity of the beneficiaries is being protected

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Story No. 1

“I lost everything when my husband died of AIDS. We were helpless financially as well as emotionally. We had been forced to spend all our family money on his treatment, which meant that we had nothing left to invest in our children’s future.

I had to take on a job, and was away from home working long hours as a door-to-door sales woman to provide for them, but still could not offer them anything more than the food on our table and the roof over our head. I could not offer them any opportunities.

Thanks to SHUSHEEL FOUNDATION and donors like you, both of my kids will attend school until they finish. As a mother nothing gives me more tranquillity than knowing that my kids will be able to provide for themselves one day. THANK YOU!”

Story No. 2

“I am a full-time farmer from a village in Rajasthan, to me my kids are my world. Apart from farming I also work as a driver because my income as farmer is not enough to sustain my wife and kids, and I also want them to receive education.
I have been able to send my son to school, but I wish I could gift my daughter the same way; I want her to have the same opportunities her brother has.

Thanks to SHUSHEEL FOUNDATION they are both attending a good public school outside of our village, and they both do great in their studies as well as in sports, specially my daughter who is awarded a gold medal every year for scoring highest in her class.
I’m very grateful to caring people like you that they both have opportunities I could not have otherwise been able to provide them with.“

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Story No. 3

I am a mother of four, and although living in Mumbai has allowed me to find a job as a masseuse, my husband is currently unemployed. We have never learned to read or write. We have 4 children and, Rahim - one of them - is in 10th standard. He needs help with math and sciences, but because we never studied ourselves we cannot help him.

When we heard about SHUSHEEL FOUNDATION, we approached them to ask for support and they provided him with afterschool tutoring.
It is important for us that our kids get better opportunities than we do, and thanks to a SHUSHEEL VOLUNTEER, he now gets the support he needs to secure an entrance to a good college. THANK YOU for believing in my son.

Story No. 4

My husband is sick and struggles with alcohol. I have to provide for my household and for my daughter’s education, as I don’t want her to be in the same helpless position I am. I work as a maid, but it barely keeps us afloat.

I approached SHUSHEEL FOUNDATION with the hopes that they would finance my daughter’s education, and they went beyond that! They helped her get accepted in a convent school and they are financing her studies until she finishes. I couldn’t be more proud of her, she is doing great, and thanks to your support I now know that she will not relive my story.

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