How Can you help


Here at SUSHEEL FOUNDATION we support dreams and hopes. We adopt weak schools in rural areas, revamp and make them sustainable with focus on affordable quality education. Our aim is to put the school on a Sustainable Trajectory with respect to Physical and Human Infrastructure and to provide an uncompromised learning experience to the local rural kids.

Many parents that have heard about our work have come forward to ask us to help them realize theirs and their kid’s dreams of having an education that will help have a prosperous future rid of poverty. We act as a bridge between children and schools by sponsoring their education. We take the details of their requirements and coordinate with their schools directly.

We provide orphaned children with good quality education opportunities whenever necessary.


Donate in Our Corpus Fund:

Help our rural kids by donating a lump sum amount (Every year / As one time donation), which will be utilised –

  • To Improve the Physical Infrastructure of the School.
  • To Invest in the Quality Teachers and Staff.
  • To provide training programs on Pedagogy, Capacity Building / Soft Skills for teachers,students and the community members involved.

Become involved by multiplying the gifts that have been given to you.
Kindly Click Here to check our Donation Policy.

Sponsor a child:
If you are sponsoring a child we will keep you posted with the complete account of donations made by you. Fee structure may vary pertaining to the school and the grade in which the child is studying.
Your money will be a gift that never ends on giving.

Become our volunteer:

We also dream, and our dream is to connect sponsors with needy children to provide them with quality education that will compensate for their limited network of social support, enabling them to fulfil their professional vocations and dreams.

You can volunteer with us at your pace to support this cause from where ever you are in India. Send us your details and we will contact you. 
Come bridge the gap and join hands to help, protect, support, care and uplift the current scenario of these little flag bearers. Bring smiles and provide them what is required, so they grow into a humble and educated individual.
Help in bringing the change!...