About Us

Here at SUSHEEL FOUNDATION we help underprivileged children successfully finish their school. We act as a bridge between the child and the school.

We aim to promote and catalyze education among underprivileged children, create a process which embraces them and facilitates them to emerge as a productive asset. This will set a strong platform for every child to represent and contribute to the overall growth and development of the nation. Our vision is of a world, where every child has a life in all its fullness and they hold the power to create an opportunity for themselves.


"Our mission is to provide vulnerable kids with education opportunities to break with the poverty cycle they are in."


Adopt weak schools in rural areas, revamp and make them sustainable with focus on affordable quality education.

Sponsor the education of children of families that cannot afford to send them to school but wish to.

Provide tutors to children that need but cannot receive support at home with their education.

Provide orphaned children with opportunities for quality education when possible or necessary.


We base our actions on the principle of no discrimination.

We honour the intentions of the parents and the wishes of the children.

We hope to support marginalized families without critical judgment of their situation.

We protect where needed the identity of our beneficiaries, sponsors or volunteers.

We act upon a wish to not affect the beneficiaries and their families in any pervasive way other than to provide learning opportunities to children.

We base our action in a willingness to do well and good to the beneficiaries and their communities.


Our Advisory Board is composed by achieved professionals that believe that education holds the answer to the pervasive poverty that our society reproduces and multiplies unwittingly through inaction.

  • Dr. Daniel A. Joseph

    M. D. (Pharmacology) MACP ( U.S.A.)
    Medical Professor.

    As a great asset to our organization, he is a trusted advisor.

  • Mhd. Shayin


    He holds a degree in Agriculture and MBA in Operations Management, M.A. in Contemporary Indian Issues ( Kings College, London). He is winner of many awards in the field of administration the prominent being the PM Award for excellence in Implementation of MNAREGA.

  • Rajeswari S. Raina

    Ph.D. Economics

    She conducts research in the social studies of science and technology, specializing in agricultural and rural innovation. As a widely published author and policy analyst she advises us, as well as other national and international organisations.

  • Suman Sharma

    Retd. Teacher and Trustee

    Suman takes special interest in the actions required to relief and support the underprivileged memebers of our society, and actively support our processes.

  • Jyotsna Sharma

    Founder Trustee

    Jyotsna is a Post Graduate in Business Management with a specialization in Sales & Marketing Strategies. She has also studied Journalism & Mass Communication. After about 15 years of work experience she has stepped off her field to dedicate her life to the foundation.

  • Kapil Raina


    Kapil’s dedication and diligence towards the foundation keeps us on track, and his expertise in legal matters enables us to help others.